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24th-Apr-2013 10:54 pm - Gravira: # 1 Icon Post
I doubt I'll make another icon post anytime soon... this is something I did in my spare time. Hope you like it.

[9] Super Mario Bros.
[14] Pokemon
[2] Animal Crossing
[1] Shakugan no Shana

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22nd-Feb-2013 08:31 am - I'm back... sort of!
Hello everyone! Wow it's been a long time since I posted here! I hope everyone is doing well. I went back and deleted some old posts that no longer had any good content. This community will be going through a semi-revamp. I will try and post icons again once in a while. Please don't expect a post a month, I don't have the time to devote myself to making graphics. I will post icons here once in a while when I feel I have something good to offer. For any of you still around thanks for your support, I hope to see you guys around. :)
14th-Apr-2011 10:33 am - last icon post
As I said in my earlier entry, this is probably my last icon post... hope you like... 10 icons.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my work. :)

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5th-Nov-2010 11:25 am - [#34] gravira: icon post
Wow I haven't posted here in forever... been pretty busy with a lot of things. I hope you enjoy this batch. Isn't really all that impressive.

Kingdom Hearts BBS ➔ 2
Okamiden ➔ 5
Trauma Team ➔ 5
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ➔ 9
Kazuaki art ➔ 2
Misc. (Railgun, Spice and Wolf, Layton) ➔ 4
Icon contest ➔ 3

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14th-Jul-2010 10:36 am - [#33] gravira: icon post
There isn't a lot here, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Starry Sky ➔ 7
Toradora ➔ 2
Zombie Loan ➔ 4
Legend of Zelda ➔ 2
Metroid ➔ 4
Metal Gear Solid ➔ 2
Misc. (Ace Attorney, Epic Mickey, & Adventure Time) ➔ 3
Icon Contest ➔ 7

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1st-May-2010 02:34 pm - [#32] gravira: icon post

This post isn't that big... sorry. Anyway, from now on I won't really be uploading a lot of music. I don't have the time or energy to do it. :/ I'll do it once in a while but don't expect the usual every 1-2 weeks. Sorry. ;A;

This will be my last batch for a while. The last thing I want to do is close down this community but a I feel like I might just have reached the end. IDK TL;DR Enjoy this post ya?

Loveless ➔ 2
Kobato ➔ 8
Spice & Wolf ➔ 4
Angel Beats! ➔ 2
Book Girl ➔ 2
Fate/Stay Night ➔ 2
Shining Force Feather ➔ 3
Pokemon ➔ 10

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3rd-Mar-2010 10:48 am - [#31] gravira: Icon post
OH WHAT THE?!?! Yes it is an icon post. There isn't much variety, but I hope you find something you like. I don't know when the next post will be, but I'm always working on graphics even though I'm still on a bit of a hiatus. ENJOY!

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ➔ 12
Shakugan no Shana ➔ 4
Barajou no Kiss ➔ 6
Toradora! ➔ 2
Starry Sky ➔ 11

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